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Annnndddd It’s Monday….

28 Jan

By now you know what that means….back to work for my humans, and long, lonely days for me!

I have actually been enjoying my time alone more the last week or so because the weather is so nice! My mom has been leaving the windows open during the day and I have come to love laying on the back of the sofa cushion with my nose pressed against the screen. My humans tell me I look like a cat when I do this, but I don’t see how that is possible. Have you ever seen an 80 pound, brown cat, with a huge snout????….didn’t think so.

Anyways, I apologize for the lack of posts! I don’t know if my humans got a raise or what, but they have been letting me go to camp multiple times a week. Camp=Happy Boulder:)  Friday was especially fun at camp because my friend who lives by me was there too! We were the only ones being OCD with the tennis balls, maybe that is why we get along so well.

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago how I was telling you about the Chuck It toy? Well, my mom must have read my post because that Saturday she took me to Petsmart to pick out my Chuck It!! It was very exciting, although she wouldn’t let me play with it in the store, and put it in the TRUNK on the way to the dog park.

I just have to share with you something that I saw that day at Petsmart….These 2 humans pulled up in the parking spot next to our car, and as we were getting out, I noticed they had also brought their dog. I was thinking how happy the dog must have been becuase Petsmart is the equivalent of a candy store for small children…well guess what? They left their dog IN THE CAR! What kind of human does that? That is pure torture. Why would you bring your dog with you to a place that is FOR dogs, just to leave him in the car while he watches all the other animals go in and out. Poor guy:( My humans would never do that to me! In fact, a lot of times I over hear them on the phone asking different businesses (mostly restaurants) if dogs are allowed at their establishments! I have trained them well!

In my neighborhood there is a lot of construction going on, especially down by the dog park. This normally doesn’t phase me becuase I still have enough room to chase after my tennis ball, however, that all changed today. I went out to the dog park this morning and realized that the maintenance men (the jerks who whip around in their golf carts and almost run me over on a regular basis…sheesh!!) had changed the dog park all around. They moved the fence so now I am at even more of a risk of getting a golf ball to my dome:( Not appreciated!

Well I just figured I would let you all know that I am alive and well! I will try to be better about posting!

Have a great Monday!



High Five For Friday!!

18 Jan

Alright, I will be honest,  I do not know how to do a high five! My humans tried to teach me, but I am more of a “shake” type dog, I can even do “shake” with both of my paws!

Today started out with a 3 mile run with my Mom, it would have been fun if she didn’t make me wear that stupid BRA! How embarassing! Maybe it is not really a bra, she calls it a harness, but to me it is nothing short of a bra and I do NOT like it one bit. I think it is degrading, and I do not appreciate her making me run not only 1 mile, but 3 miles in it!  Luckily it was dark out when we were running, so hopefully not many people had to whitness that horrible site.

On to better topics, as I said last week, Friday marks the day where when my humans come home tonight they work for me 24/7 for 2 WHOLE days! Oh yea! Oh Yea! OH YEA!!! I am thinking we are going to the dog park tomorrow, which would be awesome! Last week when we went there were a total of 10 dogs there (due to the chilly weather) and 9 of those 10 dogs were Labs! Love it when that happens! Every lab owner had a Chuck It except for my mom…..umm Mom, if you are reading this…GET WITH THE PROGRAM! In fact, let’s hit up Petsmart tonight and buy one so that I don’t have to be the only kid (dog) without a Chuck It!

For those of you not aware of what a Chuck It is, it is a product that launches a tennis ball a very far distance with minimal effort! They come in all different lengths and styles, just depending on what your dog likes! I highly recommend one!  Most humans especially like it because you can pick up the ball with it and not have to risk getting slobber all over your hands! Check it out!!

I had a Chuck It when I was younger, but I accidently chewed it up and the ball no longer fit in the launcher:( I can’t imagine why my humans have not bought me another one…

Have a great weekend!


Today I Am Stuck Inside

17 Jan

Hi there,

Yesterday was a better day because I got to go to camp and play with my friends, but today I am home along with NOTHING to do. Sure, I have toys I could play with or bones I could chew, but that is so last month. I need a new hobby (besides blogging!).

I can’t begin to tell you how boring it is to sit inside all day with nobody to play with. My humans think they are being nice by leaving the curtains open so I can see outside, but really they are just torturing me even more. I sit on the chair with my face pressed against the window wishing I was one of those lucky dogs who’s parents get to work from home all day.

Recently I have developed a love for basketballs! You know, the good old fashioned orange Wilson basketballs! It all started about a month ago when I randomly found a partially deflated basketball in the dog park. Not knowing what it is, I walked over to it and took a closer look. Once I picked it up in my mouth and started carrying it around, I knew it was the perfect toy for me. Now, I can’t say that I have developed the same bond with my Wilson basketball as Tom Hanks did in “Cast Away”, but I do enjoy shredding the crap out of it:)  Sadly, my mom recenlty threw all of the remains of my Wilson away, she says she gets sick of me always making a mess of her clean wood floors.  But guess what? Today when I came in from playing in the park with my Dad my mom had a new Wilson waiting at the top of the stairs for me!!! I was SO excited, I jumped up the stairs 3 steps at a time! It only took me about 30 minutes to get that sucker deflated enough that I could carry it around in my mouth. While I do love my Wilson basketballs, I would definitely like to get my hands (teeth) on a Wilson volleyball!! If you know of anyone that is looking to get rid of theirs, please send them my way!

Anyways, my humans should be home for lunch soon, so I better get back to doing “normal” dog things!
Have a great day,



A Sleepy Thursday

3 Jan

As I mentioned yesterday I was busy at camp all day, so naturally I am a bit on the lazy side today. My mom’s alarm started going off this morning around 6:20am, and no matter what I did (paw to the face, nuzzle closer, etc.) she still got up and started moving around, which of course triggered me to do the same thing…just on the off chance she was getting up to get me food or take me to the park. Wrong. She was getting up to get ready for work. Selfish, right? Our typical routine is I wake my mom up when it is still dark out, she takes me out, than she feeds me, and than I go and jump on my dad until he wakes up and takes me to play in the park! It is so nice having not only 1, but 2 humans that work for me:). I should be getting back to my nap now, have a great day!

Boulder’s tip of the day: Recently the vet said that I did not have enough of a waistline and that I should drop a few pounds (man do I wish I could talk sometimes, I would have had a few choice words for the woman that said that). Anyways, she suggested swapping out some of my DELICIOUS Blue Buffalo SALMON and OATMEAL (MY FAVORITE!!!) dog kibble with green beans. Really? Green beans? You have got to be kidding me! So being the obedient people that my humans are, we headed straight to Costco to stock up on green beans. As my mom got my dinner ready that night I watched as she put my scrumptious dog food in the bowl, and watched her RUIN it by putting these nasty green, slimy, long looking things on top. I swallowed, took a deep breath, and eased my way towards the bowl to take a look…..Who am I kidding, I was wagging my tail and barely let her finish getting my bowl ready before my snout was 4 inches deep into the goodness of dog kibble and green beans. Anyways, that was most likely more information than you needed to know, but the green beans are working! I have lost about 4 pounds in the last 2 months! If you know any canines (or humans for that matter) that need to drop a few pounds, have them sub out some of their regular food for good ole’ green beans.

My First Post…I hope I am doing this right!

2 Jan

Good Morning and Happy New Year! I am still not sure what all the hype is about a year ending, and a new one beginning, but I am going to try to just go with the flow. Did you all have a big celebration for NYE?  I was lucky enough to get to go to my best friend Roo’s house while the humans went to a party…I know there was food at that party, and do you think they brought us back any? No, of course not!

Anyways, I got to spend New Years Day with my friend Roo and our humans, and boy was it fun! I kept on barking at the humans to play with me, and although they did not enjoy it very much, I was enjoying it! They thought putting me on the balcony would help, nope..the bathroom, nope…I didn’t want to be quiet, I wanted to PLAY!  Turns out what I really needed was a nap! I got home around 3pm and didn’t move from my bed until about 6am today!

To my surprise Josie (my human mom) brought me to camp today! If you are not aware of doggie camp, let me give you some insight. It is this magical place that smells of pure heaven! You walk in, they let you off the leash, and I take myself to the backdoor where they release you to the yard with all the other dogs! They have an inside and outside area, but I prefer the outside because there is more room to run! Do you know how many Chuck-Its they have there?!?! A lot, and they always have an abundance of tennis balls for me to chase. I dream about camp almost everyday, and just love the people and other dogs there. My mom even says there are webcams set up so she can see me play…umm, creepy!

Well that is pretty much all I have for today, I am currently taking a break from playing with my friends to type all this, so I better get back to playing before all the tennis balls are gone.

Happy 2013!

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