Hello Everyone!

28 Feb

I am sorry for the lack of posts lately, there hasn’t been a whole lot of exciting things going on in my life lately.

I came across this video, and I laughed so hard I cried…I gurantee you will do the same! (Fast forward to 1:35).

I was at camp this week and got put inside a few times by myself, which by the way I did not appreciate. Anyways, the camp staff said it was because I was excessively “mounting” all the other dogs. I didn’t see anything wrong with it, I am not an aggressive or dominant dog. Anyways, my parents were not too happy with me, and are trying to figure out what to do about my new bad habit. Any suggestions? I want to go to camp and play with my friends!

Oh before I forget, you have GOT to hear what I did yesterday! My human mom took me outside right after work, and she was so sweet becuase she didn’t even change out of her work clothes and heels, she just went straight to my cabinet full of tennis balls and headed to the park with me. We were playing for a few minutes until my ball rolled under the fence onto the golf course side, welllllll I had a moment where the devil was sitting on one shoulder telling me “go run around on the golf course and go swimming in the pond with the ducks” and the angel on my shoulder said “Don’t do it, go back to the park with your human and be a good boy”…guess what I did? Yup, I grabbed my tennis ball, booked it across the golf course and belly flopped into the pond – – – – FREEDOM!!!! As I am swimming around in the pond with my tennis ball in my mouth, I hear something similar to the sounds of my mom yelling my name and for me to come back to her. My attitude was Brown Dog, don’t cur:) I knew I was in trouble when I saw my human running across the golf course in her high heels while dodging live golf balls, needless to say she was NOT happy! She stood on the side of the pond yelling for me to get out, and if I could talk in a language she would understand, this is what I would have said “Not yet mom, I have a few more laps to swim, and I really want to catch one of those Mallard ducks swimming by”. So I continued to swim after the ducks, and man those buggars are fast! After I realized I couldn’t catch the ducks, and that I was in big trouble, I headed for the edge of the pond and jumped out. We headed back home and mom yelled at me some more. Between you and me….it was TOTALLY worth it! I can’t wait to do it again soon!

Tomorrow is Friday and I am going with my humans to visit some friends that live a couple of hours away, can’t wait! I love adventures!

Have a great day Y’all!


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