Boulder the not so good Blogger!

13 Feb

Hi there,

I know I have been off the radar for a while, but I actually have good reasons. This past weekend my humans had to go out of town so they brought me to stay the day and night at my camp! I was really excited to get to play with my friends, but by day 2 I was really missing my mom and dad. Needless to say, they took the laptop with them, so I had no way to communicate to my bloggin’ buddies:)

So far this week has been pretty good! I got to go to camp yesterday and had a blast running around like a fool. However….apparently I was being a little too rambunctious for the humans (and other dogs) liking, so they had to “correct” my behavior by putting  a small leash around my neck until I calmed down.  They said it was mainly becuase I was being “a little too much” for one of the new dogs at camp, well excuuuuuuseeee meee, I thought this was camp people! Anyways, it wasn’t that big of a deal because I was tired and worn out at that point so it was a good time for me to lay down and take a rest.

One of my humans has been sick so he has been home a lot more lately, but all he wants to do is sleep. He walks around with a hunched over back making sniffle noises and doesn’t even bother to go out of his way for me.Sheesh, what’s it take for a guy to get some attention around here?  One fun thing that happened today while my dad had me out to play was that my ball went under the fence on the golf course, and since I am so smart, I knew how to go and get it. Once I retrieved my ball from the golf course, I couldn’t resist running as fast as I could for the pond to take a little dip:) It was great, until I heard my dad yelling at me to get out, so like the good pup I am, I obeyed, but not before messing with one of the golfballs that a golfer had hit on the fairway. MUAHAHAHAH. He was not too excited about me doing this, but my human stuck up for me and responded with “a big squirrel came and moved your ball” (insert golfers not very happy facial expressions).

Well, that is what has been going on with me! I have camp tomorrow, so maybe I will have more exciting things to write next time.

Don’t forget your valentine, and remember dogs can’t have chocolate!!

❤ Boulder


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