Missing the weekend…

4 Feb

Hi everyone! Happy Monday! What did y’all (in my best Texas accent) do this weekend?

I hope everyone enjoyed the Super Bowl! Was it just me, or was that Go Daddy commercial a bit awkward?! I guess it leads to good conversation, right? All I kept thinking was how much I would love to be on that ginormous football field chasing that football! I would do a lot better than most of those “professional” football players.  I didn’t really get into the game that much, mainly because I am a Bears fan, but it was still fun to watch the commericals:)

My weekend was awesome!! Satuday I got to go to the dog park for a while and play with my Chuck It! I was surprised at how many humans were there wanting to throw tennis balls for all the dogs! How nice of them to accomodate us.

Saturday night I got to spend the evening with my half sister (we have the same dad ,but different mom’s). We had a BLAST! As soon as I got to their backyard, my first reactions was…POOL!!!!! And in I went! Naturally I am drawn to water, but their pool was especially fun! It had ledges that you could stand on, or areas where I was able to run, jump, and belly flop in the pool. Of course the water was a bit on the chilly side, but that did not stop me from catapulting in after the ball:)  Although I don’t get to see my half sister very often, it is very obvious that we are related! We look alike (although she is yellow) and have the same obsession for balls!

Sunday was a relaxing day at our house. I spent most of the day laying around and playing with my toys.

Today I am back at camp! Love starting off the week getting to play with all my friends!

It looks like this week is a busy one for our family, but I will try to give you an update here and there.

Have a great day,



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