Annnndddd It’s Monday….

28 Jan

By now you know what that means….back to work for my humans, and long, lonely days for me!

I have actually been enjoying my time alone more the last week or so because the weather is so nice! My mom has been leaving the windows open during the day and I have come to love laying on the back of the sofa cushion with my nose pressed against the screen. My humans tell me I look like a cat when I do this, but I don’t see how that is possible. Have you ever seen an 80 pound, brown cat, with a huge snout????….didn’t think so.

Anyways, I apologize for the lack of posts! I don’t know if my humans got a raise or what, but they have been letting me go to camp multiple times a week. Camp=Happy Boulder:)  Friday was especially fun at camp because my friend who lives by me was there too! We were the only ones being OCD with the tennis balls, maybe that is why we get along so well.

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago how I was telling you about the Chuck It toy? Well, my mom must have read my post because that Saturday she took me to Petsmart to pick out my Chuck It!! It was very exciting, although she wouldn’t let me play with it in the store, and put it in the TRUNK on the way to the dog park.

I just have to share with you something that I saw that day at Petsmart….These 2 humans pulled up in the parking spot next to our car, and as we were getting out, I noticed they had also brought their dog. I was thinking how happy the dog must have been becuase Petsmart is the equivalent of a candy store for small children…well guess what? They left their dog IN THE CAR! What kind of human does that? That is pure torture. Why would you bring your dog with you to a place that is FOR dogs, just to leave him in the car while he watches all the other animals go in and out. Poor guy:( My humans would never do that to me! In fact, a lot of times I over hear them on the phone asking different businesses (mostly restaurants) if dogs are allowed at their establishments! I have trained them well!

In my neighborhood there is a lot of construction going on, especially down by the dog park. This normally doesn’t phase me becuase I still have enough room to chase after my tennis ball, however, that all changed today. I went out to the dog park this morning and realized that the maintenance men (the jerks who whip around in their golf carts and almost run me over on a regular basis…sheesh!!) had changed the dog park all around. They moved the fence so now I am at even more of a risk of getting a golf ball to my dome:( Not appreciated!

Well I just figured I would let you all know that I am alive and well! I will try to be better about posting!

Have a great Monday!



3 Responses to “Annnndddd It’s Monday….”

  1. Roo January 28, 2013 at 6:40 pm #

    Happy Monday, Boulder! I’m really bummed that they changed the dog park around… where are we supposed to play when I come over?! Miss you… XOXO Roo

  2. Stefani January 28, 2013 at 3:48 pm #

    Riley LOVES his Chuck It!!! He wants to go outside just to play with it and wears himself out till he collapses!


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