High Five For Friday!!

18 Jan

Alright, I will be honest,  I do not know how to do a high five! My humans tried to teach me, but I am more of a “shake” type dog, I can even do “shake” with both of my paws!

Today started out with a 3 mile run with my Mom, it would have been fun if she didn’t make me wear that stupid BRA! How embarassing! Maybe it is not really a bra, she calls it a harness, but to me it is nothing short of a bra and I do NOT like it one bit. I think it is degrading, and I do not appreciate her making me run not only 1 mile, but 3 miles in it!  Luckily it was dark out when we were running, so hopefully not many people had to whitness that horrible site.

On to better topics, as I said last week, Friday marks the day where when my humans come home tonight they work for me 24/7 for 2 WHOLE days! Oh yea! Oh Yea! OH YEA!!! I am thinking we are going to the dog park tomorrow, which would be awesome! Last week when we went there were a total of 10 dogs there (due to the chilly weather) and 9 of those 10 dogs were Labs! Love it when that happens! Every lab owner had a Chuck It except for my mom…..umm Mom, if you are reading this…GET WITH THE PROGRAM! In fact, let’s hit up Petsmart tonight and buy one so that I don’t have to be the only kid (dog) without a Chuck It!

For those of you not aware of what a Chuck It is, it is a product that launches a tennis ball a very far distance with minimal effort! They come in all different lengths and styles, just depending on what your dog likes! I highly recommend one!  Most humans especially like it because you can pick up the ball with it and not have to risk getting slobber all over your hands! Check it out!!


I had a Chuck It when I was younger, but I accidently chewed it up and the ball no longer fit in the launcher:( I can’t imagine why my humans have not bought me another one…

Have a great weekend!



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