Today I Am Stuck Inside

17 Jan

Hi there,

Yesterday was a better day because I got to go to camp and play with my friends, but today I am home along with NOTHING to do. Sure, I have toys I could play with or bones I could chew, but that is so last month. I need a new hobby (besides blogging!).

I can’t begin to tell you how boring it is to sit inside all day with nobody to play with. My humans think they are being nice by leaving the curtains open so I can see outside, but really they are just torturing me even more. I sit on the chair with my face pressed against the window wishing I was one of those lucky dogs who’s parents get to work from home all day.

Recently I have developed a love for basketballs! You know, the good old fashioned orange Wilson basketballs! It all started about a month ago when I randomly found a partially deflated basketball in the dog park. Not knowing what it is, I walked over to it and took a closer look. Once I picked it up in my mouth and started carrying it around, I knew it was the perfect toy for me. Now, I can’t say that I have developed the same bond with my Wilson basketball as Tom Hanks did in “Cast Away”, but I do enjoy shredding the crap out of it:)  Sadly, my mom recenlty threw all of the remains of my Wilson away, she says she gets sick of me always making a mess of her clean wood floors.  But guess what? Today when I came in from playing in the park with my Dad my mom had a new Wilson waiting at the top of the stairs for me!!! I was SO excited, I jumped up the stairs 3 steps at a time! It only took me about 30 minutes to get that sucker deflated enough that I could carry it around in my mouth. While I do love my Wilson basketballs, I would definitely like to get my hands (teeth) on a Wilson volleyball!! If you know of anyone that is looking to get rid of theirs, please send them my way!

Anyways, my humans should be home for lunch soon, so I better get back to doing “normal” dog things!
Have a great day,




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