A Sleepy Thursday

3 Jan

As I mentioned yesterday I was busy at camp all day, so naturally I am a bit on the lazy side today. My mom’s alarm started going off this morning around 6:20am, and no matter what I did (paw to the face, nuzzle closer, etc.) she still got up and started moving around, which of course triggered me to do the same thing…just on the off chance she was getting up to get me food or take me to the park. Wrong. She was getting up to get ready for work. Selfish, right? Our typical routine is I wake my mom up when it is still dark out, she takes me out, than she feeds me, and than I go and jump on my dad until he wakes up and takes me to play in the park! It is so nice having not only 1, but 2 humans that work for me:). I should be getting back to my nap now, have a great day!

Boulder’s tip of the day: Recently the vet said that I did not have enough of a waistline and that I should drop a few pounds (man do I wish I could talk sometimes, I would have had a few choice words for the woman that said that). Anyways, she suggested swapping out some of my DELICIOUS Blue Buffalo SALMON and OATMEAL (MY FAVORITE!!!) dog kibble with green beans. Really? Green beans? You have got to be kidding me! So being the obedient people that my humans are, we headed straight to Costco to stock up on green beans. As my mom got my dinner ready that night I watched as she put my scrumptious dog food in the bowl, and watched her RUIN it by putting these nasty green, slimy, long looking things on top. I swallowed, took a deep breath, and eased my way towards the bowl to take a look…..Who am I kidding, I was wagging my tail and barely let her finish getting my bowl ready before my snout was 4 inches deep into the goodness of dog kibble and green beans. Anyways, that was most likely more information than you needed to know, but the green beans are working! I have lost about 4 pounds in the last 2 months! If you know any canines (or humans for that matter) that need to drop a few pounds, have them sub out some of their regular food for good ole’ green beans.


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