My First Post…I hope I am doing this right!

2 Jan

Good Morning and Happy New Year! I am still not sure what all the hype is about a year ending, and a new one beginning, but I am going to try to just go with the flow. Did you all have a big celebration for NYE?  I was lucky enough to get to go to my best friend Roo’s house while the humans went to a party…I know there was food at that party, and do you think they brought us back any? No, of course not!

Anyways, I got to spend New Years Day with my friend Roo and our humans, and boy was it fun! I kept on barking at the humans to play with me, and although they did not enjoy it very much, I was enjoying it! They thought putting me on the balcony would help, nope..the bathroom, nope…I didn’t want to be quiet, I wanted to PLAY!  Turns out what I really needed was a nap! I got home around 3pm and didn’t move from my bed until about 6am today!

To my surprise Josie (my human mom) brought me to camp today! If you are not aware of doggie camp, let me give you some insight. It is this magical place that smells of pure heaven! You walk in, they let you off the leash, and I take myself to the backdoor where they release you to the yard with all the other dogs! They have an inside and outside area, but I prefer the outside because there is more room to run! Do you know how many Chuck-Its they have there?!?! A lot, and they always have an abundance of tennis balls for me to chase. I dream about camp almost everyday, and just love the people and other dogs there. My mom even says there are webcams set up so she can see me play…umm, creepy!

Well that is pretty much all I have for today, I am currently taking a break from playing with my friends to type all this, so I better get back to playing before all the tennis balls are gone.

Happy 2013!


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